Bar's Liquid

Stops Leaks up to 0.9mm

Prevents Future Leaks

Will not Clog the Cooling System

Protects the Cooling System 


Bar’s Leaks Liquid Radiator Stop Leak – Specially designed for radiators without easy access.  Seals minor leaks and drips in cooling systems up to 0.9mm in size. Bar’s Leaks Liquid reduces or eliminates cavitation, lubricates cooling system components, helps prevent corrosion, keeps cooling system clear and quiets noisy water pumps. This product also contains special buffing agents to help keep your cooling system clean.

Bar’s Leaks Liquid works on leaking plastic, aluminum and metal radiators. Will also stop leaking in heater cores, blocks, gaskets (including head gasket) and freeze plugs. In addition, Rhizex particles will break up the ultra-low pressure cavities resulting from from cavitation.


  • Stops & prevents internal and external leaks up to 0.9 mm in size

  • Freely recirculates to prevents future leaks

  • Will not clog cooling system

  • Protects the cooling system

  • Contains buffing agents to keep system clean

  • Reduces damage associated with cavitation

  • Prevents & reduces formation of rust, scaling and sludge

  • Slows oxidation and corrosion

  • Quiets noisy water pump

  • Compatible with all antifreeze brands

Product Code: EUBL
Can Size: Net Wt. 150 g


Safety Data Sheet(SDS) / Technical Data Sheet (TDS)