3X Zinc Engine Oil Treatment


Want premium engine protection and maximum lubricity? You got it! Combining exceptional lubricity and performance-aiding additives, Engine Oil Treatment & Conditioner is a multi-purpose formula designed to penetrate and restore surfaces susceptible to the formation of sludge and varnish. As contaminants are lifted from these surfaces, the amount of friction & wear will diminish within the crankcase.

Bar’s 3X Zinc Engine Oil Treatment is a special formula specifically designed for vehicles with older designed gasoline or diesel engines. This petroleum-based performance oil additive contains high levels of ZDDP (Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates) to better protect internal engine components at cold starts and during normal operation. Adding superior lubricity for flat tappet camshaft lifters and the valve train, Bar’s 3X Zinc will better protect the engine at start-up by strengthening the “film” on the engine components when cold — precisely when most metal-on-metal wear occurs. In short, Bar’s 3X Zinc Engine Oil Treatment will convert modern engine oil into a suitable oil for your classic or older vehicle.


  • Works to reduce friction & wear

  • Quiets noisy lifters & valves Removes & prevents sludge

  • Increases fuel economy

  • Helps maintain target viscosity of engine oil Increases engine life due to improved oil circulation

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Product Code: E3Z1L-BMS350
Bottle Size: Net.Wt.: 12 fl.oz. (350 mL)

Safety Data Sheet(SDS)/Technical Data Sheet(TDS).

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