Engine Oil Enhancer & Stabilizer


Internal combustion engines operate in a tough environment. High heat and stress are part of their everyday life. Excessive heat is a primary cause of oil oxidation, commonly known as thermal breakdown. Oxidation or thermal breakdown can lead to the following problems:

  • Viscosity increase – When oil thickens due to oxidation, it can severely affect engine performance, resulting in poorer fuel economy and reducing its ability to cool the engine. (Yes, the oil helps cool the engine!

  • Sludge and varnish formation – Sludge and varnish formation can also be oxidation related. Keeping an engine clean and free of these deposits helps extend engine life.

  • Increased wear – Increased wear can occur when the oil cannot lubricate as it was designed to do. This may be a result of additive depletion, improper viscosity, or highly oxidized oil.

  • Acid formation – Acid formation is a byproduct of oxidation. Acids attack the internal surfaces of the engine. Left unchecked, corrosive wear can shorten the engines life.

Bar’s Engine Oil Enhancer & Stability Improver is a high-tech engine oil treatment that is designed to enhance a motor oil’s performance and extend service life. Its unique chemistry guards against oxidation / thermal breakdown, sludge and varnish formation. Bar’s Engine Oil Enhancer & Stability Improver helps keep engines running cleaner, quieter and longer!


  • Helps improve oil viscosity retention, lubricity and film strength

  • Provides extra anti-corrosion protection

  • Helps extends engine oil life

  • Increases thermal stability and durability

  • Enhances oil detergency

  • Minimizes gum sludge and varnish deposits

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Product Code: EES1L-BMS350

Bottle Size: Net Wt. 12 fl.oz.( 350mL )

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