No Smoke Engine Oil Treatment w/ Stop Leak


One cause of excessive exhaust smoke is leaking seals or head gaskets which fail to keep coolant from leaking into into the combustion chamber where it burns.  A second common cause of excessive exhaust smoke is worn piston rings.  Worn rings can also allow excessive amounts of oil to pass by the piston in the cylinders and burn in the combustion chamber causing smoke.  These problems do not just occur over night. In fact, it’s a progressive effect of normal wear.  In most circumstances, the cause of smoke will be both the gaskets and rings thereby compounding the problem giving you double trouble.  Its a good thing that Bar’s No Smoke packs a double punch!

Bar’s No Smoke Engine Oil Treatment with Stop Leak is a powerful, dual-action formulation containing a special blend of chemicals that will both improve the viscosity of the engine oil and reduce the amount of oil getting past the rings.  All this while preventing future and present leaks by conditioning the aged seals and gaskets which cause the leaks. 


  • Reduces exhaust smoke

  • Improves oil viscosity Improves combustion chamber compression

  • Stops motor oil leaks

  • Restores worn seals & gaskets

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Product Code: EONSS
Size: Net Wt.: 12 fl. oz. ( 350 mL )

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