Liquid Copper Head Gasket & Block Repair

Packaging: 600mL


Bar’s One-Step Liquid Copper Stop Leak & Block Repair – Specially designed as a one-step solution for preventing and/or stopping coolant leaks occurring as a result of a damaged or cracked engine blocks or leaking head gaskets.  Bar’s Liquid Copper Stop Leak & Block Repair also contains a copper component which serves to transfer (or absorb) excess heat and to help reinforce the seal for longevity.  This product is recommended for use in vehicles that do not overheat or require coolant filling after allowing the engine to idle for 15-30 minutes. Future minor leaks can be prevented by using Bar’s!


  • Seals leaks near the combustion chamber/head gasket

  • Powerful liquid glass and copper formula

  • No need to drain cooling system

  • Will not harm cooling system if used properly

  • Special One-Step / antifreeze compatible formula

  • Continued protection that prevents future leaks

 * Packaging and or label graphics may vary country to country

Product Code: HLC1L-BMS350
Bottle Size: Net Wt. 20 fl. oz. ( 600 mL )

Safety Data Sheet(SDS) / Technical Data Sheet(TDS)