Head Gasket Repair Pro


Bar’s Professional Grade Head Gasket Repair – A proprietary formulation that penetrates leaking, blown or damaged head gaskets, small cracks in the engine block and other areas near the combustion chamber to provide a permanent repair. This product contains a combination of concentrated sodium silicate (liquid glass) and other various size sealing/reinforcement particles. These particles, together with the liquid glass, penetrates gaps and cracks to seal leaks in the head gasket and cooling system.

This product is recommended for use in vehicles that can run on idle for 15-30 minutes without overheating.


  • Seals leaks in cooling system near combustion chamber

  • Sodium silicate liquid glass technology

  • Copper reinforcement to assist heat displacement

  • Contains Bar’s Rhizex and other reinforcing fibers

  • Professional Permanent fix

  • Used properly will not harm cooling system

* Packaging and or label graphics may vary
CAUTION: This product cannot be applied until all coolant is first removed from the cooling system.  For the best results, this product should be applied by a professional automotive technician. For DIY, please accurately follow direction.

Product Code: HPR1L-BLS600
Bottle Size: Net Wt. 20 fl. oz. ( 600 mL )

Safety Data Sheet(SDS) / Technical Data Sheet(TDS)