Headlight & Plastic Restorer Polish


Headlight & Plastic Restorer - Dull automobile headlights are a danger to every driver on the road. Bar’s Headlight & Plastic Restorer Polish is an easy to use product that can restore minor to moderately oxidized automobile headlight lenses to clarity. Time between necessary restorations to headlight lens will differ due to varying degrees of external environmental exposure factors.


  • Restores cloudy, foggy, dull plastic headlight to shiny condition

  • Can repair damage to due oxidation, scratches, or pitting

  • Significantly increases nighttime visibility

Note: Bar’s Leaks Headlight and plastic restorer kit is recommended for more sever damaged headlamp covers

* Packaging and or label graphics may vary country to country

Product Code: HPRS
Bottle Size: Net Wt. 4 fl.oz. ( 117 mL )
Safety Data Sheet(SDS)/Technical Data Sheet (TDS)