Power Steering Stop Leak

Packaging: 200mL


Bar’s Power Steering Stop Leak – Specially formulated to restore worn seals and gaskets in order to stop power steering fluid leaks. Bar’s Power Steering Stop Leak will seal minor leaks in steering gear boxes, rack and pinion units and keep seals and gaskets pliable to prevent future leaks.


  • Stops leaks

  • Keeps seals and gaskets from shrinkage

  • Helps reduce bearing, piston and other noises

  • Helps reduce friction

  • Non-corrosive, non-clogging and non-foaming

  • Mixes with all domestic, import and heavy duty power steering fluids

* Packaging and or label graphics may vary country to country

Product Code: PSL2L-BSS200
Bottle Size: Net Wt. 12 fl. oz. ( 350 mL )

Safety Data Sheet(SDS) / Technical Data Sheet(TDS)