Rhizex OEM Tablets

Stops Leaks up to 0.9mm

Prevents Future Leaks

Will Not Clog the Cooling System

Protects the Cooling System


Your vehicle’s cooling system plays a critical role in its overall operation. Whether your vehicle is new or old, seals begin to wear from the first time you start your engine. A cooling system can have serious consequences if not noticed. Leaking seals and gaskets reduce the cooling systems capacity and functionality thereby causing an engine to run hotter.  The higher operating temperatures triggers causes thermal breakdown, accelerated oxidation of oil, quicker hardening or drying of the seals, as well as accelerated metal wear.  In short, a tiny leak left untreated could result in a “surprise” break down and result in significant repair cost. 

Bar's Rhizex tablets reduce cavitation.  Cavitation is the formation of extreme low pressure vapor cavities in a liquid which is experiences a rapid changes in pressure. This degrading process over time will damage the impellers of the water pump affecting the flow of coolant.

Throughout the last nearly three decades, several major automobile manufacturers worldwide relied upon Bar’s to “enhance” the functionality of the OEM coolant in their products. Rhizex will not only stop and prevents leaking in cooling systems, it will also reduce damage associated with cavitation and limit the formation of low pressure voids. In order to keep the cooling system remain clean. Rhizex also contains special buffing agents and continues to work within the cooling system. 


  • Stops acute leaks

  • Prevents future leaks

  • Reduces damage associated with cavitation

  • Facilitates the flow of coolant

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Product Code: RHZ2T
Package size: Net Wt. 5.5 g / Tablet