Anti-Rust w/ Water Pump Lube


Bar’s Anti-Rust and Water Pump Lube – Formulated to provide the added protection needed in the harsh environment of your cooling system. Bar’s will aid in reducing oxidation and scale formation with its powerful anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. Bar’s will lubricate the components of the cooling system to increase performance and support the longevity of your motor, water pump and thermostat.


  • Lubricates cooling system components

  • Organic lubricant

  • Non-hazardous Controls rust and corrosion

  • Compatible with all antifreeze brands

  • A necessary addition for cooling systems that use only water as coolan

* Packaging and or label graphics may vary

Product code: RRW1L-BMS350
Bottle Size: Net Wt. 12 fl. oz. ( 350 mL )

Safety Data Sheet(SDS) / Technical Data Sheet (TDS)