Tyre's Leaks


Bar's Tyre Leaks - No matter what your mode of transportation is, Bar’s has what you need! The Tyre’s Leaks line can effectively seal leaks in virtually any inflatable rubber tire. Bar’s products are formulated to stop leaks in automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles.

Product Size / Treat Rates:

  •   75 ml - bicycles

  • 150 ml - bicycle and motorcycle tires

  • 300 ml - all types of tires with a maximum size of 165 x 14

  • 500 ml - all types of tires larger than 165 x 14

* Packaging and or label graphics may vary
Product Codes: TL75, TL150, TL300, TL500 (4 sizes)
Can Size: Net Wt.: 75g, 150g , 300g, 500g

Safety Data Sheet(SDS) / Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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